Based(Established) in 1781, the small original village of Los Angeles vegetated until the discovery of the gold in the American West. The region knew then two big periods of growth, during stable-lad écouverte some oil, then the development of the cinema.

       He(It) results from it a city of the archetypal XXth century, the supreme monument to the glory of an urban planning centred on the automobile. We can so run(drive) a whole day only on the highways of LosAngeles, without ever seeing the city itself, which extends over 1200 km ², without real center.

       CCapital of the illusion since the succession(advent) of the cinema, Los Angeles created for the dreamers and the children the most varied, often quite unique amusement parks.


       TAHITI is the biggest islands of the French Polynesia and its surface damaged, cut by numerous rivers and by profound valleys, is characterized by green and steep mountains.

       The spells of this charming island inspired painters and writers. In spite of the contact with the modern civilization, the people who lives in him(it) kept(guarded) his(her) happy and carefree character and an unknown charm soaks(fills) the customs as the landscapes of this idyllic earth(ground).

       French Polynesia is consisted in fact of five archipelagoes, all culturally, ethnically and climatically different. 130 islands can be divided into two categories: atolls, or rings of coral which surrounded formerly a volcano which sank into waters, and high islands the relief of which is completely flat, as the case may be, or, on the contrary, extêmement tourmented.

       Both islands of MOOREA and BORA BORA, attractive by their vegetation, their relief and their magnificent beaches(ranges), are dominated by rocky peaks and surrounded of a lagoon in waters turquoise and emerald.


       Crossed by the meridian 180 °, antipode of that of Greenwich, the archipelago of Islands Fiji is established(constituted) by 844 islands, volcanic islands and atolls.


       AUCKLAND, situated on a narrow isthmus on the base of the peninsula of the same name, and dominated by a series of volcanic cones transformed into parks. Although she does not have a million inhabitants, the city is the most important of the country, with a strong concentration of Maori. She kept a small provincial air and, in spite of some impressive skyscrapers, her nicely fitted out quartiés and her green lawns get a pleasant sensation of space.

       Situated in approximately 1600 kilometers east of Australia, New Zealand is established(constituted) by two main islands, the Island of the North and the Island of the South, and by numerous the islands and the islands of lesser importance. She(it) has more than 5000 kilometers of coast, most of the time profoundly cut.

      The Island of the North, of which Auckland is one of the main cities, is called " the smoking island " because of the numerous volcanoes which we find there. His(her,its) central part(party), near Rotorua, is occupied by a tray(plateau) of lava where the hot sources(springs), the geysers, the boiling muds and the sulphurous vapors are uncountable. It is on the other hand in this region that a part(party) of the population Maori lives, which knew how to keep(preserve) its ancestral traditions.


       SYDNEY, capital del' State of New South Wales, based(established) in 1788, is the biggest and the oldest city of Australia. It is a dynamic, quite whole city turned(shot) to the sea, the big business center and important financial center, where the cultural life is intense.

       The Opera of Sydney, in the shape of sails inflated by the wind, is probably the biggest Australian architectural success, but the city can legally be also proud of his(her) museums, its "city", its historic district of the "Rocks", its theaters and his(her) beautiful stores, without forgetting well on its magnificent beaches(ranges).

       As for the New South Wales, she(it) is rich in varied landscapes and we discover in particular, in 45 kilometers in the North of Sydney, majestic estuary of Hawkesbury River, which spreads in an infinity of small rivers in the middle of the bush. Nearby, a wildlife park shelters numerous koalas.


       BALI supernaturally kept(preserved) living beings a specific civilization and a culture, having remained the only Hindu island upon the arrival of the Islam in Indonesia.

       It is at that time that, according to the tradition, the gods would have taken refuge with the Balinese mountains and the population then made of its island a magic world, populated with supernatural beings, with gods and with devils. The religion holds an exceptional place(square) in the public and private life and the days the Balinese are punctuated with uncountable ceremonies (offerings, processions, dances, parties(holidays) in temples, cremations).

       But BALI, they are also landscapes gandioses of rice fields and volcanoes, big fine sand beaches, an always pleasant climate, and the omnipresent smile of the population.


       The island of SINGAPORE cleanly(strictly) dîte and the islands which surround him(it) establish(constitute) an independent State since 1963. Although modest by its size, this State is situated in the crossroads of the western and oriental business(trade), what is worth to him(her) possessing one of the most active ports(bearings) of the world.