Toronto & The Niagara

Road towards Niagara Falls. Stop(ruling) to Niagara-on-the-Lake, charming colonial town of the 19th century. Pursuit(continuation) on the panoramic road of "Niagara Parkway" which goes along(follows) the river the Niagara. Have lunch in a restaurant with panoramic view on the falls. Cruise up to the foot of the Canadian falls. Return in Toronto and tour(tower,ballot) of orientation of the city, skyscraper, Distillery District, the tower CN.

Toronto - Region of the Thousand Islands - Ottawa

Road towards the region of the Thousand Islands and tour(tower,ballot) of orientation of Kingston , the ancient capital of the country. Cruise on the Saint Laurent through the maze of 1000 Islands . Departure towards Ottawa and tour of the Canadian capital: the hill parlementaire, the place of Confédération, the channel Rideau.

Ottawa - Montreal

Visit of Canadian museum of Civilizations which covers more than 20000 years of history(story) of Canada. Departure for Montreal, the most important French-speaking city and panoramic visit: the old man Montreal, the business center, Saint Catherine and Sherbrooke, Mont-Royal , the subterranean city(estate)...

Montreal - Region of Quebec

Road towards Quebec and lunch in a "sap house". Guided tour of Quebec, unique(only) fortified city of North America, with its hillside streets and his(her,its) numerous coffees(cafés) - terraces: the castle Fontenac , real symbol of the city, the hotel of Parliement, the picturesque street Petit-Champlain , the plains of Abraham .

Quebec and Tadoussac

Departure through the hilly landscapes of Charlevoix towards Tadoussac situated in the mouth of fjord of Saguenay , at the edge of St-Laurent . Navigation(Browsing) to observe whales in St-Laurent (approximately 2:30 am). Return on Quebec by Côte-de-Beaupré with a stop(ruling) in her(it) basilica Anne-de-Beaupré society .

Quebec - Montreal

Stop(Ruling) in falls of Morello cherry where the river Saint Laurent pours.