The big civilizations marked with their imprint coast(ribs) as heart of the country what makes of Albania a country overflowing(brimming) with archaeological wealth, registered on the Heritage(Holdings) of Unesco.

Tirana / Kruja / Shkodra (100 km)

Departure towards Kruja known to be a big center of small business sector(crafts) and sale of antiquités, as well as to be the home town of the national hero Skanderbeg . Visit of museum of Skanderbeg , then stop(ruling) - photo in front of the castle and the stroll in general store(mess) of Kruja. Road towards Shkodër close to the biggest lake of the Balkan Peninsula, the lake of Skadar and very close to the border of Montenegro. Panoramic tour(ballot) of the city, its old center, its orthodoxe then visit of has her(it) citadel of Rozafa Tepe, in 133 m of height, one of the fortresses the best protected from the country.

Shkodra / Durres / Berat (200 km)
Road towards Durrës. Panoramic tour with stop in front of her Venetian tower and the amphitheater. Departure towards Berat, fortified city, registered on the heritage of Unesco called the city in miles make windows with his houses leaned in the hill. Visit of this city-museum the Onufri museum of which, fitted out in the church of her Darmition-de-la-Vierge, a hurt building dating 1797.

Berat / Gjirokaster (160 km)
Continuation of the visit in passing in front of numerous Byzantine churches. Departure towards Gjirokaster, typical Ottoman city, which since 2005, be a part cities classified to Unesco. You will visit Citadel and will discover original houses, alleys paved with various black, white and pink motives. The architecture of these houses distinguishes itself by a specific construction, "kule Turk". Visit of the house Skedulajve then the ethnographical museum and the stroll in the mess.

Gjirokaster / Butrint / Saranda (110 km)
Departure towards archeological site of Butrint , registered on the Heritage(Holdings) of Unesco grouping(including) several antique Greek, Roman vestiges, venitiens, Byzantine. Continuation towards " blue eye " , a resurgence source(spring) of water springing from a subterranean cave then Continuation towards Saranda, sea resort of the South of Albania: coffee break in the ruins of castle of Saranda .

Saranda / Himara / Llogara/ Vlora (127 km)
Departure towards the falls of Borshi with stop(ruling) - photo to take advantage of the landscape. Continuation towards the bay(berry) of Porto Palermo. In The communist time(period), an underground passage builds between sea and rock sheltered submarines and a military base (today closed down). On the road, coffee break in a restaurant which possesses in its court(yard), of numerous natural waterfalls giving In this place a magic side. Road towards the national park of Llogara. Arrived in Vlora, harbour and seaside city and visit of her(it) House of the independence.

Vlora / Apollonia / Ardenica / Tirana (160 km)
Departure for the visit of Apollonia's archeological site: there raises itself(draws up itself) front wall(pediment) of the temple of Artemis (supported(born) by 5 columns Corinthian) in front of the obelisk of Apollo, the theatre, the odeon and the colonnade of boutiques. Departure towards orthodox monastery of Ardenica and stop(ruling) photo. Continuation towards the capital, Tirana and panoramic tour(tower,ballot) of the city with stops(rulings) in front of her(it) blue mosque , the tower of the horloge, the various departments and very beautiful central place. Visit of the museum national. / p >